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Lua Selenium Driver  v.1.0.1

Lua Selenium Driver is a Selenium 1 library that provides a programming interface (API), i.e., a set of functions, which run Selenium commands. Within each interface, there is a programming function that supports each Selenese command. Get Lua

Hermes - Selenium For Humans  v.1.0

Hermes provides a powerful yet usable automation solution, making it the most popular Selenium framework in the world, with over 3,500 downloads. Create human readable, machine executable Selenese style tests in Excel. The world's first automation

Selenium DSL  v.

A DSL for working with Selenium and Java. Providing easy support for integration tests in a web enviroment as an easier choice than Selenium itself. This API is already being used in many internal projects and now we realease it as an opensource

Selenium Test Manager  v.1.3

Simple test management interface for Selenium. It stores all tests in a database, removing the need for testers to access the webserver directly to edit or create tests and allows templating parts of tests, reducing test maintainence on app

Utilities 4 Selenium  v.1.0

This project has a set of simple objects and aspects (AspectJ) to make the code of tests with Selenium-RC (Java) easier to understand and debug. It separates all methods of Selenium in appropriate classes and adds new methods useful for

Selenium Eclipse  v.1.0

Provides a set of Eclipse plugins that facilitate authoring and running Selenium tests from within Eclipse.

BlueDuck Selenium Remote Control  v.1.0

Simplifies management of Selenium Remote Control. Install and manage the Selenium server in just a few steps. Allows you to modify graphically selenium server startup options

Selenium XML Formatter  v.1.4

An XML Formatter for Selenium-IDE

Selenium IDE  v.1.0.6

An integrated development environment for Selenium tests

Django-nose-selenium  v.0.7

Selenium is a portable testing framework for web applications.

Django-selenium  v.0.8

Django-selenium is a toolset that provides seamless integration for Django framework with a Selenium testing tool.

Selenium for linux  v.2.0-dev-9307

Python bindings for SeleniumSelenium Python Client Driver is a Python language binding for Selenium Remote Control (version 1.

Selenium Expert  v.0.2

This plugin is my attempt to bring the wonderful world of inspections, tips, hints,.

Selenium Server  v.1.0

Create your own FTP or WEB server in a few clicks.

Gcc-alternatives  v.1.0

Provides a conventient way of setting which version of the gcc tools should be the default on Debian GNU/Linux and its derivatives.

BlueDuck SDA  v.2.0 Beta / 1.0.2

BlueDuck SDA (Selenium Driver AutoIt) is an open-source automated testing framework that can be easily used by technical and non-technical users alike. It allows you to write tests that are easy to read and maintain. BlueDuck SDA is a powerful yet

1031exchangeforprofit.exe  v.2

Another requirement of a 1031 Exchange is that the transaction is completed in forty-five days. This is to say that the sale of one property is 45 days before or after the purchase of another property. There are alternatives if this is not possible,

1031exchangereviews.exe  v.2

To become a member of the FEO 1031 exchange you must pay the membership dues of $975.00 USD that will allow the company one new member to vote and two members that can be alternatives if the first chosen one becomes unable to

Anger Management for Children  v.1.0

Anger Management for Children. Discover online alternatives. Quality care and training for all ages! Corporate rates

Gynecomastia Treatments  v.1.0

Reference for men seeking non surgical gynecomastia treatment options. Easy to read guide that discusses alternatives to gynecomastia surgery. Topics include causes of the condition, eating habits, exercise, what is involved with surgery, and other

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